Expanding Generation and Industrial Boiler Plant SaltaTabacal agricultural and industrialArgentina 2007Special studies and Environmental Impact
Plant Electrical System ALUARSAIC ALUARArgentina 2005 ....Review and approval of Engineering Expansion Project of Aluminum Plant. Factory inspection supplies. Advice during the execution of the Work and Commissioning
Plant Electrical System ALUARSAIC ALUARArgentina 2002/04Technical study of the internal Generation System and External (SIPSADI), at levels of 330/132/34.5/6.6 kV. Simulations of Load Flow, Short Circuit and Transient Stability with SADI. Contingency analysis. Preparation of preliminary design and bidding documents for the expansion of power of the Puerto Madryn Aluminium Plant consisting of:
* 3rd. Arrival at 330 kV
* 330/132/34.5 kV transformers 300 MVA.
* SF6-encapsulated substations (GIS) 132 kV. Encapsulated in air substations (AIS) 34.5 kV.
* System Automation, Control and Communications (fiber optic) for enlargement.
* underground electrical distribution system at 132 kV plant.
Electrical System Dock Sud refineryShell CAPSAArgentina 2001Technical study for incorporation of a TG 25 MW Load Flow Simulations, short circuit and stability. with SADI. Contingency analysis.
Plant Electrical SystemPetroken SAArgentina 1999System Modeling kV 132/6.6/0.38 Ensenada Industrial Plant Load Flow Simulations. Shorts, Volt dip of large engines. Network expansion studies.
Electrical System Dock Sud refineryShell CAPSAArgentina 19986.6 kV system expansion and interconnection with the PSTN at 13 kV. Update load shedding system. Dynamic simulation of parallel operation. Setting frequency relays. Simulations volt starter motor and dip. Advice for system and load rejection ccontrol
Electrical System Dock Sud refineryShell CAPSAArgentina 1997Feasibility study to expand the own generation by 40 MW gas turbine. Defining the line diagram. simulations of flow and short circuit loads. Implementation. Works budget.
Electrical System Dock Sud refineryShell CAPSAArgentina 1996Expansion Board General Plant. 6.6 kV Switchgear and cables. Cc limiting reactors. Scorecard Control and Protection. Services auxiliary AC and DC. Civil works. Specifications. Licitatoria documentation. Assistance to the client for the purchase of equipment
Electrical System Dock Sud refineryShell CAPSAArgentina 1996Studies Refinery Electric System: Load flow studies, short circuit and stability to the external network. Alternatives for parallel operation. Calibration system for underfrequency load shedding for internal and external faults. Installation of continuous recorders for monitoring load shedding in industrial service. Coordination with dip volt EDESUR simulations starting of large motors and verification of results by testing. Measurement of harmonic Protection Coordination Study
Studies on Access to Transport Capacity SeveralArgentina 1994/99Supermarkets Corcemar Alumrera Mining Tasks performed as Freedom Fiplasto Acronym subcontractor SA.
Cement FactoriesLoma NegraArgentina 1991Analysis of the deregulation of the gas industry in the provision of energy inputs to Cement Plants.
Pulp and Paper plant in QuilmesMassuh SAArgentina 1991Energy savings Diagnostics Industrial Plant Manufacturing Pulp and Paper.
Laboratory of Medical SpecialtiesOrganonArgentina 1988Evaluation of the operating conditions of the Medicinal Plant Industry
Oil refinery Shell CAPSAArgentina 1983/84Electromechanical works supervision and coordination with civil works Dock Sud power plant emergency and installation of two processing chambers.
Cement FactoryLoma NegraArgentina 1983Assistance to the Department in the review of service contracts. Study of need for contracted services. Cost analysis. Recommendations on procurement systems and control features.
Villa Loma Negra Fortabat OlavarriaLoma NegraArgentina 1981/82Demand studies. Study MUST supply reliability. Draft self-generation equipment. Calculation of production costs. Negotiating supply contract with MUST.
Oil Refinery Dock Sud Shell CAPSAArgentina 1982Study of the generation interconnection with the grid itself. Load flow, short circuit and stability. Specification of systems and equipment. Tender document. Computer and Budget.
Draft tanks SA Industrial GasesArgentina 1981/82Detailed plans for the construction of several industrial tanks. Calculation of containers. Plans. BOMs.
Oil Refinery Dock SudShell CAPSAArgentina 1981Detailed engineering for the redevelopment of Furnace F1 HV1. Project specifications and program of works.
Cold Cement Factory Santiago del EsteroLoma NegraArgentina 1980/81Technical assistance to the Directorate. Contratos.Evaluación renegotiation of higher costs. Control of purchasing management. Programming of works. Close of play.
Catamarca Amalfa Cement Factory Loma NegraArgentina 1980/81Technical Support Directorate. Renegotiation of Contracts. Assessment of claims for increased costs. Development work program. Coordinating contractors. Monitoring of construction.
Avenida 9 de Julio Buenos AiresSadeObrelmecArgentina 1980Básica.Predimensionamiento engineering, specifications, computer and power budget of MT, FM distribution and motor control centers for trading.
Gral.Cerri ethane plant Bahia BlancaState GasArgentina 1979/80Technical assistance. Follow-up work (CPM). Technical reports. Implementation assistance. Factory inspection and work. Additional study.
Timber FactoryIndustrial TimberNicaragua 1978Evaluation of investment alternatives to established production levels. Analysis of equipment and machinery.
Model Slaughterhouse CordegaProjectsNicaragua 1978Design electrical and steam. Specifications.
Textiles Largaespada GranadaEnalufNicaragua 1979Energy measurement study. Measurement errors.
Computer Center Data Processing. Buenos Aires.Sade SAArgentina 1977/78Basic and detailed engineering for installation of the Computer Center of Sade SA. Project plans, functional, operations and maintenance manual. Factory inspection / work. Power FM, telephone facilities, fire, air conditioning, etc..
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