ESIN - Consultora S.A.

Founded on December 6, 1968 in order to provide engineering services in energy and industrial areas. Over forty years later can display a wealth of achievements in these fields in both the public and private sectors. The services have been provided to companies of national and provincial public service, private companies, service cooperatives, commercial firms, contractors and other consulting firms.

The activities took place in Argentina and abroad continue to have ample history of services provided in Nicaragua, Brazil, Ecuador, Panama, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica and Uruguay.

The company is registered in the international registration of consulting firms from IDB and the World Bank has participated in numerous projects funded by these agencies as well as the plans for Central AID. The firm has extensive experience in implementing project management and executive coordination of multidisciplinary studies of enterprises in the area of ​​specialization to coordinate and / or supervising consultants and construction of different specialties in the country and abroad.

The interdisciplinary nature of many of the enterprises has led to the signing of repeated partnerships with other consulting firms in the country and abroad often having assumed organizational and managerial responsibilities.

The firm has considerable expertise and continually updated Studies Electrical Power System reason which is regularly called by other consulting firms to engage in tasks that specialty.

Since the deregulation of the electricity sector in Argentina, ESIN has invested considerable effort in implementing the methods of calculations and system studies required by Procedures for Access to wholesale electricity market and can now give its customers total response in all items required by the regulations.

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